Relax in the wellness area and let yourself be really pampered


From classic and therapeutic massages or pleasant special massages in our wellness area you will find pure relaxation. We work with the power of nature and you can feel it. Not only because of our altitude, but also because of the special ambience, letting go is especially easy here.

You are also welcome to book a massage with us and have your sore muscles magicked away.
Massages are available:

  • Classic massage / Sports massage: it is the origin of all therapies. With it you can achieve almost everything in rehabilitation and revitalization. Regular massages keep us healthy and strengthen our immune system.
    • ca. 45 min / €55.00
  • Sound bowl massage according to Peter Hess: quickly achieve deep relaxation, as the sound appeals to the original trust of people. Letting go of problems, releasing tension and blockages through this deep relaxation. Gentle massage and harmonization of each cell of the body through sounds. 
    • ca. 45 min / €70.00
  • Dorn-Breuss-Fleig-massage: is an excellent method of self-healing and self-help in very many problems, such as diseases of the back, spine, joints and all areas of the body directly or indirectly connected with the spine and joints.
    • ca. 45 min / €55.00

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