Kaunergrat Nature Park

... untouched nature

The Kaunergrat Nature Park covers an area of almost 600 square kilometres from the Upper Inn Valley to the Ötztal Alps and includes the Pitz Valley, the Kaunertal Valley and the municipality of Fließ.

Have you met a herd of ibex today? In the Kaunergrat Nature Park this is not a rarity if you are out and about at the right hour. There are 1,200 specimens of these impressive, climbing horned beasts living here. But there is much more to discover on excursions through the nature park: for example, 1,100 butterfly species, 84 three-thousand-metre peaks, 47 alpine pastures. From the Upper Inn Valley up to the Ötztal Alps, rare and remarkable natural and cultural landscapes unfold in the Kaunergrat Nature Park over an area of 590 square kilometres, which can be explored on many themed trails and guided hikes. Because the nature park encompasses all altitude levels of the Alps, the natural spectacles are diverse and the experiences extremely varied.